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Rugs and Carpets for the Pet Owner: The Best Kinds to Invest In

Last updated 2 years ago

In a perfect world, pets would always politely notify us when they needed to use the bathroom and we’d guide them to where they were supposed to go. Or if we weren’t around, they’d make sure to only have accidents on the hardwood floor and linoleum. Unfortunately, as much as we love them, the truth is they have the ability to destroy our expensive rugs and carpet quite easily. So it’s important to be educated on what types of materials, types and colors work best so both you and your pet are happy campers.


Consider the material of your rug or carpet first. Although natural materials are more beneficial to the environment because they can be recycled and reused, they are not ideal for resisting stains, odors and heavy pet use. Choose a synthetic material such as acrylic, olefin or nylon. These are usually the least expensive materials on the market and are made out of artificial fibers that can withstand pet abuse by being easier to clean. If you know you are going to have frequent urination issues, then keep in mind much of this urine will spread down into the carpet and even soak into the padding, which will begin decaying your rug or carpet. Artificial fibers do not absorb the decontamination as easily, and are resistant to odors and fading (which will be caused by the continuous scrubbing motion).

Like humans, pets have oils on their skin that transfer to their hair. So every time your dog or cat stretches out on the rug or carpet, it is leaving behind oil that is attracting dust. This soiling is easy to miss because it’s nearly invisible. However, it’s important to remember that dust attracts dust mites (little critters that make a home between the fibers, causing allergies) and only a regular professional cleaning will help maintain a healthy breathing environment. Nylon carpets will withstand this soiling for up to 12 months, but wool material is the worst choice because it has pockets that will literally hold the soil in place.

If you or your pets have allergies, then derclon rugs are a great choice for your home. Made out of artificial wool-like fibers, they also resist stains and fading, and are hypoallergenic.


Remember shag rugs, those furry floor pieces that peaked in popularity during the 1970s? Stay away from anything close to those! The shorter the “pile” (hair length) is, the easier it will be for you to clean. Long “piles” will retain a lot of soil, fur, and who knows what else, so they make a poor choice for pet owners who want to keep a clean home. Looped Berber carpets also have long looped hairs, which are easy to snag and tear from your pet’s nails.

Plaited or “braided” rugs usually fair the best when it comes to durability and easiness to clean. Some of the biggest pet providers in the industry sell braided type rugs, claiming they are one of the most moisture resistant styles out there. Water resistance is important to eliminate possibilities of mold infestation.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a professional cleaner, keep an eye out for machine washable rugs that can be easily cleaned at home. Simply throw it in your washing machine at a low temperature wash and hang it out to dry thoroughly.


Don’t worry, you won’t have to match the rug or carpet to your pet’s precise color. Ideally, look for a multi-colored pattern or for a darker shade with flecks. These kinds will help disguise fur better than plain, lighter patterns. Steer clear from the pastel pallet, which includes baby blues, grays, pinks, and greens. 


For carpet stain and odor removal tips, go visit the experts at Hadeed Carpet or “Like” us on Facebook. Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, Inc., est. in 1955, is a family-owned and operated business based out of Alexandria, Virginia. They serve the Washington, DC metropolitan areas, including Northern Virginia, Maryland, and now Central Virginia.


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